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PURSUANT TO FOIA (5 ILCS 140/4) (FROM CH. 116, PAR. 204)
The Village of Crete is an incorporated Village located in rural eastern Will County, approximately 30 miles south of the Chicago Loop. The Village was incorporated in 1880. The 2010 census was 8,259; the 2000 census (amended) was 7,712. The Village is located in an agricultural setting. The Village provides police, fire protection, paramedic services/ambulance transport, public utilities, including a water system utilizing municipal wells, a sanitary sewer collection grid and local street maintenance. Garbage collection is outsourced.

The Village employs a total of 36 full-time employees, 18 part-time employees and 25 paid, on-call firefighters. There are a
total of 20 full-time employees in the Police Department. The Village of Crete’s operating budget for Fiscal Year 2011-2012 is $12,044,880.

  • Crete Village Hall, Station 1 Fire Department, Building Department and Code Enforcement Department are located at 524 West Exchange Street, Crete, IL
  • Station 2 Fire Department is located at 3470 Melanie Lane, Crete, IL
  • Crete Police Department and ESDA are located at 1370 Benton Street, Crete, IL
  • Public Works and Water Department are located at 1200 Douglas Lane, Crete, IL
Village President
  • Michael S. Einhorn
Village Board of Trustees
  • Daniel Bachert
  • Larry Bellar
  • Robert Gaines
  • Larry Johnston
  • Holly Milburn
  • Mark Wiater
Zoning Board of Appeals/Planning Commission
  • Jeff Angelotti
  • Tim Brennan
  • Randy Dekens
  • Glen Madsen
  • Brett Millsap
  • John Stoll
  • Karen Tellef
Police & Fire Commission
  • David Gray
  • Dale Nelson
  • William Paul
Police Pension Fund Trustees
  • Michael Buzan
  • Rebecca Nagle
  • Michael Rarity
  • David Wallace
  • Norbert Wilkening
TIF Advisory Commission
  • Robert Groos
  • Robert Kraemer
  • Luke Pascale
  • Karen Tellef
  • Mark Wiater
FOIA Officer
  • Deborah S. Bachert - Village Clerk
The public can request FOIA information either by sending a request in writing or via email.


By Mail
Village of Crete Attn: FOIA Officer
524 W Exchange Street
Crete, IL 60417

By Email
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