Village Clerk, Treasurer, & Collector

Village Clerk
The Village Clerk performs all duties and functions that may be required by state statute or ordinance including:
  • Attending all meetings of the Board of Trustees
  • Maintaining all records associated with these meetings
  • Keeping a record of ordinances by statute and other records as may be required by ordinance
Village Treasurer
The Village Treasurer performs all duties as may be prescribed by state statute or ordinance. This position:
  • Receives all money paid into the Village, either directly from the person paying the money or employees of the Village that may receive it
  • Pays out monies only on vouchers or orders signed by the Village President and Village Clerk
Village Collector
The Village Collector's responsibilities include:
  • The collection and receipt of all money due on special assessments
  • Receipt of special taxes not paid to the treasurer
  • Maintenance of such records as may be required by the state statute or ordinance